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Transparency International (TI) Indonesia


TI (Indonesia) - Ensuring open access or open data on public documents in forestry, mainly forestry licenses/permits

The project, ‘Toward Better Transparency and Accountability of Forestry License Documents’ aims to strengthen and support public participation in monitoring various forestry activities. Transparency International in Indonesia (TI-I) will work to ensure open access or open data for the public regarding all public documents in forestry, mainly forestry licenses/permits. Forestry licenses/permits are very urgent documents to be disclosed or accessed by the public, especially to allow the local community to successfully undertake public monitoring. The licenses or permits contain many rules related to the utilisation of forest areas and preferably the obligation of permit holders, but local communities currently have no access to forestry licensing data and documents.

To solve this problem, TI-I will implement this project to ensure access to forestry licensing data in an open, accessible, and timely manner. This project aims to provide and finalise the guidance on transparency and accountability mechanisms for the forestry public service delivery in Jambi Province. This guidance will include the mechanisms and standards on how to access open data related to forestry and land use, including licenses/permits.


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