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Fundación Construir is a non-profit Bolivian civil organization that develops research, education, communication, deliberation, monitoring and social advocacy, in order to coordinate and promote actions as well as strategies that generate citizen participation processes to strengthen access to justice and democratic, social and economic development with gender equity. It is a national long-term mechanism to build plural and intercultural justice contributing to the development of the new justice system in Bolivia.

Fundación Construir seeks to promote public participation in the process of public contracting of school breakfasts and to open data of those processes in two rural municipalities: Desaguadero (La Paz) and Punata (Cochabamba). As a result of this work with the municipalities they have developed a methodology and other tools to qualify and promote public participation of parents, teachers, other local social organization, government officials and suppliers. Also, they are building an observatory of public contracting of school breakfast that aims to open up public contracting data of the 350 Bolivian municipalities. This observatory will help the other municipalities to initiate improvements on public contracting through public participation and social control.

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