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 The Center for Higher Studies of the Universidad Mayor de San Simón de Cochabamba (CESU / UMSS) was created in 1992 at the initiative of the UMSS Rectorate with the mission of training professionals and researchers through academic programs and the promotion of studies and debates aimed at public advocacy. CESU is one of the highest quality academic social science centers in Bolivia. It has organized around 60 academic programs with the participation of more than 1,200 students in Diploma, Specialty and Master's courses. It also carried out research on Environment and Energy, Gender and Humanities, Development Studies, Habitat Studies, Economics and Planning and Political and Legal Studies.

CESU / UMSS has developed an open data and open contracting semi-presencial diploma for partners, other NGOs, journalists, public officials, activists and staff of the local Hivos office with the objective of developing data extraction, cleaning, analysis and data visualization capabilities of contracting and other public data. The main objective is to strengthen social control and advocacy capabilities, as well as generating greater transparency on public management.

The diploma is currently in execution and has 25 students. A virtual version will be launched soon due to the high demand that the actual semi-presencial version has had.

Additionally, an open data contracting research will be developed and it will be published and presented to promote public debate.


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