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Bojonegoro Institute (BI)


Bojonegoro Institute (BI) is a civil society organisation (CSO) that plans to become a civil society representative in guarding the regulation/policy and local governance innovation in a better way, in fostering sustainability based on the needs and society partisanship, and in realising a strong democratisation and decentralisation framework, that is meaningful and also participative, in partnership with state and civil society. BI currently focuses on and engages in five priority agendas: governance of extractive policies (oil and gas), transparency and public information openness, acceleration of poverty reduction and community empowerment, bureaucracy reform and data governance (Data Revolution). 

Bojonegoro Institute's project 'Achieving Transparency and Accountability of Goods and Services Procurement in Bojonegoro District Through Open Contracting Data', aims to address the low level of civil society involvement in the implementation of goods and services procurement within the Government of Bojonegoro in Indonesia. The lack of public access to the entire procurement process, starting from planning, through budgeting and auction, to reporting and the evaluation and monitoring phases, makes it difficult to control for irregularities and corruption in public procurement. Therefore, this project would like to address the situation through the creation of centralised information and open data about public contracting. This will encourage feedback from citizens and improve responsiveness and accountability of civil servants in Bojonegoro.

Bojonegoro Institute wants to produce the following outcomes: 1) Bojonegoro local government will improve the current open contracting model into an OCDS model; 2) Bojonegoro local government agencies will be able to practice ODCS in procurement/contracting; 3) The capacity to understand and utilise data in designated communities will be strengthened.

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