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YONECO - Reducing corruption in the construction sector to improve delivery and access

YONECO's project seeks to reduce corruption in the construction sector in Malawi, so as to improve delivery and access to social services among marginalised communities. Yearly, both The National Construction Industry Council (NCIC) and The Malawi Roads Authority (RA) are involved in numerous tendering and procurement processes for roads and buildings; these make the industry highly competitive and also highly vulnerable to corrupt practices. The situation is worsened by the fact that, legally, the Public Procurement Act does not include formal disclosure requirements.

The project will: 1) seek to improve accountability through increased publication of procurement processes and public contracts; 2) build capacity of local structures and communities to actively participate in tendering processes and monitor delivery of goods/services by contracted private suppliers; 3) strengthen trust and transparency through enhanced competitive and fair bidding practices; 4) foster multi-stakeholderism to create an enabling environment for the development of participatory monitoring tools and also enhanced capacity of accountability institutions to independently review corruption cases; and 5) lobby and advocate for regulatory reforms to allow for mandatory formal disclosures of both procurement processes and public contract information so as to pave the way for public scrutiny.


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