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Pattiro Semarang was established in 12 March 2004, by a number of student activists, paralegals, researchers, and labor activists in Central Java, Indonesia. Pattiro Semarang seeks to realize good governance and improve public participation at local level. Pattiro Semarang focuses on improving public service delivery, developing planning and budgeting system, building the capacity of government officials and members of parliament, and empowering citizens. Pattiro Semarang aims to institutionalize public participation in the development process, enhance transparency and accountability of the local government and encourage them to work more effectively to create a more qualified, useful, unbiased, and inclusive policies.

The Strengthening Public services through the Empowerment of women-led Advocacy and social audit networKs program or SPEAK in Semarang aims to empower local CSOs and women groups to advocate for gender-responsive and inclusive budgets. Pattiro Semarang strengthens the representation of economically marginalized groups in the planning and budgeting process by developing sectoral networks and empowering women groups to facilitate access to information and participate in public forums and planning processes. This program also contributes to the improvement of public procurement and public services accountability in Semarang through community-based monitoring.

Pattiro Semarang and local women groups in Semarang advocate for gender-responsive budgets. They also facilitate complaint handling and social audit related to public procurement in the health and education sectors in Semarang. They aim to have local authorities institutionalize complaint handling and access to information/open procurement related to budget and public procurement.