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Philippine Centre for Investigative Journalism


PCIJ - Using investigative reporting to develop an accountability audit to reveal data gaps, irregularities, and levels of completeness of information for reforms

The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) is an independent, non-stock, non-profit media agency that specialises in investigative reporting across multimedia platforms. Over the past 28 years, PCIJ published over 1,000 investigative reports, over 1,000 stories, over two dozen books; and produced numerous full-length and TV documentaries. PCIJ has won over 150 major awards and citations from various organisations in the Philippines and abroad. Notable of PCIJ’s online products are: - a news and analysis blog, and, – a resource and research tool on elections, public funds, and governance.

PCIJ is addressing the challenge that open contracting-related data disclosed by various government agencies in the Philippines are uneven and do not relate to each other. The project develops an accountability audit which yields evidence on data gaps, irregularities, and levels of completeness of information, to further account for points of interests, use value of data, and conflicts of stakeholders (in government, business, and civil society). PCIJ employs its expertise in investigative reporting to engage stakeholders, using the data audit reports, to outline possible reforms in policy and practices in data disclosure to pave the way for opportunities to pursue Open Contracting in the Philippines.

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