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The Centre for Investigative Journalism Malawi (CIJM) is a national NGO established in 2012, legally registered with the Malawi Government in 2014, NGO BOARD and the Council for Non-Governmental Organizations (CONGOMA). CIJM envisions a safe and prosperous society where investigative journalists are active, productive and effective partners in development. The Centre exists to foster greater transparency and accountability in Malawi by improving media standards and the quality of investigative journalism. CIJM’s pursuit to protect the public’s right to know ensures that reporting in Malawi moves beyond a simplistic focus on ‘corrupt’ individuals in favour of a more systematic and contextualised exposure of corruption, exploitation, and other social-justice issues.

The quality of journalist reporting in Malawi related to public contracting in the extractive industry is not in-depth and based on inadequate evidence. There are even allegations of collusion between journalists, media houses, private sector and government to undermine the quality and quantity of reporting on public contracting malpractices in the extractive industry. CIJM will train and mentor journalists with investigative skills on open contracting in the extractive industry in Malawi, to increase their capacity and quality of reporting. In addition, CIJM will facilitate and broker relations between government, journalists, private sector and communities on open contracting in the extractive industry in the districts of Dedza, Dowa, Kasungu, Lilongwe, Mulanje, Mzimba, Nsanje, Phalombe and Salima. The project will promote quality and ethical behaviour by journalists and media houses by means of national and international awards.


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