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Founded in 2007, Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia is part of global movement and coalition that promotes transparency and accountability of extractive resources sectors such as oil, gas, mining and other natural resources which are closely related. PWYP Indonesia focuses its works on advancing transparency and accountability of extractive resource governance in Indonesia, as well as in the global level, advocating public interest from civil society point of view, and strengthening civil society’s capacity to play significant role and active engagement in extractive resource governance reform for justice and sustainable development.

PWYP Indonesia’s "From Contract Transparency to Meaningful Public Monitoring in Mining Sector" project generally aims to promote mining contract and license transparency in West Nusa Tenggara Province, one of the places where most copper in Indonesia is mined. It is rooted at the fact that licensing, particularly in mining sector, is the most corruption-prone area. Licensing system also doesn’t give much room (or not at all) for public participation. This condition coupled with lack of accessible contract and licensing information has hindered public to monitor mining operation and hold the government accountable.

Therefore, PWYP Indonesia is aiming to encourage mining contract and license disclosure and improve public participation, especially women and youth, in monitoring mining operation at the province. To do so, PWYP Indonesia will assist local government to disclose the mining contract and license. In another hand, PWYP Indonesia will also facilitate capacity building for the community to understand the mining governance in general and the role of mining contract and license document for community monitoring.