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Organisation: MIGA (hyperlink: (Bolivian Movement of Gastronomic and Food Integration) facilitates the articulation of the food gastronomic system actors  (producers, transformers, cooks and consumers) that build networks and engage on calls for action. These networks constitute the movement. Therefore, MIGA's effort is focused on facilitating strategic alliances with the public, private, academic, other movements, civil society and international cooperation organizations under the Regional Food Heritage approach.

MIGA is working on Data Journalism Laboratories within three local media: La Razón newspaper, Fides News Agency (ANF) and Muy Waso, an independent media. With these in-house laboratories, MIGA supports journalists analyze data bases, write articles and offer visualizations with complex but easy to understand content about school breakfast contracting.

MIGA has also promoted the opening of data from the Municipal Government of La Paz - the best municipal experience of contracting school breakfast in Bolivia- to share its contracting innovations with others municipalities in a national knowledge management conference that will take place at the middle or March, 2020.

In addition, they have developed an open data portal for food with a focus on food heritage that has a main section on contracting data. 
Leslie Salazar, Executive Director,

Estefanía Rada, Coordinator OC project,