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  • Open contracting: Who benefits?


    Open contracting: Who benefits? May 26, 2020 Guest blog by Francois van Schalkwyk & Miko Canares (authors of the publication Open Contracting and Inclusion) Peter Garrett, iconic frontman of the politically-attuned 80s band Midnight Oil, while performing ‘Read About It’, would belt out to audiences across the world: “The rich get richer, the poor get […]

  • Research grants to analyze emergency procurement awarded to 12 projects


    HIVOS-Sazza Research grants to analyze emergency procurement awarded to 12 projects May 19, 2020 Twelve projects from Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Georgia, Guatemala, Kenya, Lithuania, Nepal, Nigeria, Paraguay, Philippines, Uruguay will receive a grant to develop research and actionable recommendations to support more effective procurement in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The selected projects that will […]

  • Making participation and use of open contracting data sustainable: Lessons from Bandung, Indonesia


    The Bandung project sought to increase access to public procurement information and improve various actors’ ability to monitor the public contracting system, including government staff, vendors, civic groups and journalists. Despite strong initial interest and uptake of the data, maintaining engagement has proved challenging.

  • Open Government Week


    Hivos East Africa contribution to OGP through the civil society engagement ties with its belief in establishing just and fair societies. This is a future where governments are open and accountable in their practices in an ideal democratic society.

  • How citizens engage in governance processes


    Hivos East Africa developed and piloted various interventions geared towards driving accountability and transparency in public service delivery. The Busara Center for Behavioral Economics, in assessing these internventions, found that citizens’ demand for transparency and accountability in Kenya is largely motivated by external, social and internal factors.

  • Comics as a tool to explain mining concepts to IP communities


    Through a partnership with Hivos Southeast Asia, Bantay Kita – a coalition of civil society organizations advocating transparency and accountability in the extractive industry – has come up with a six-page illustration that attempts to explain mining concepts to indigenous peoples (IPs). With information on the mining activity going on in their community, they are able to hold others accountable for the use of their resources.

  • COVID-19: Ensuring procurement transparency amidst the health crisis in Indonesia


    When government, civil society, and the private sector work together, we can flatten the curve. Opening up about contracting increases not only public trust. It also gives people the opportunity to support the government in fighting COVID-19 together and help Indonesia on the post-COVID road to recovery.

  • Data-driven reporting during Covid-19: Join us on 4 May for a conversation


    Data-driven reporting during Covid-19: Join us on 4 May for a conversation April 22, 2020 Hivos hosts an online conversation for and by journalists: Join us on 4 May 2020 at 9 AM EDT / 4 PM EAT / 9 PM PST. Across the world, the investigative data-driven journalism community has been reporting the Covid-19 […]

  • COVID-19 Research Opportunity


    COVID-19 Research Opportunity April 21, 2020 The Hivos Open Up Contracting program and Open Contracting Partnership are seeking action research partners to contribute to more effective procurement to address the COVID-19 pandemic. This would include projects to collect and analyze data related to emergency procurement (and other relevant datasets) with the objective of improving efficiency, […]

  • Hivos Helpdesk: Strengthen your local open contracting commitment


    Hivos is excited to support local governments and civil society actors  in their local open contracting initiatives and related policies at the local level.