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  • Taking Back the Stolen Land


    Despite the government's adoption of Public Information Disclosure Law, in reality it is nearly impossible to access contract documents. The Mining Advocacy Network (JATAM) in East Kalimantan had firsthand experience in this regard.

  • Combating Corruption Post General Election: Indonesian Civil Society’s Recommendations for the Elected Government


    The general election in Indonesia has just ended and people are now waiting for the official results from the General Election Commission (KPU). For the anti-corruption movement, the general election posited an opportunity to elect leaders who can lead future development programs transparently and accountably. However, it has also been identified as the time when potential corruptive behaviors tend to increase. A joint-communique document with recommendations has been released.

  • Hivos at the OGP Summit 2019


    Only a few weeks left until the Open Government Partnership Global Summit is taking place on May 29-31 in Ottawa, Canada. Hivos will be around and participating in several of the events. Have a look below to see where you can find us!

  • Empowering the 100


    At the foot of the Mayon Volcano in Legazpi, Philippines, we sat down with Frei: data analyst, cyber security professional, and CEO and founder of Layertech, partner organization in the Open Up Contracting program.

  • 8 Country reports published with recommendations for the public procurement system


    Recommendations have been published on public procurement and legislation for 8 countries. The recommendations were prepared within the framework of the project - Assessing Public Procurement Legislations and Practice in 8 countries, funded by the Open Up Contracting program and implemented by the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI). 

  • Open Tender: How Opening Up Contracts Can Prevent Corruption


    ICW has been developing an instrument called OpenTender to help people to monitor public procurement in Indonesia. The tool can analyze all e-procurement data in Indonesia and provides a risk score between 1 and 20 for each project. The score is in direct proportion with the risk of fraud and corruption.

  • Introducing the Local Open Contracting Initiative (LOCI)


    Introducing the Local Open Contracting Initiative (LOCI) March 26, 2019 It is at the local level where Open Government reforms, like Open Contracting, translate most directly into tangible results that matter to people, such as access to public education, healthcare, safe roads and clean drinking water. While local initiatives are emerging around the globe, they […]

  • The power of journalism


    Three years ago, a young but daring media organization in Guatemala, Laboratorio de Medios, decided to focus its work in two areas: accountability and municipalities. Everyone thought they were crazy—it was not only a seemingly very unattractive subject matter for average audiences, but it also presented a field full of obstacles (and risks). Opacity, few databases available, and government officials not used to supporting journalists or other social actors who try to build bridges between citizens and public institutions.But they kept true to their goal and continued shaping their project: OjoConMiPisto, a native digital media that has nowadays become a reference and inspiration to journalism students all over the country, as well as among acclaimed communications professionals throughout all of Latin America.

  • How data revealed more than just nepotism in the Philippines


    The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism meets Open Contracting. A story of how the PCIJ, a Hivos Open Contracting partner since 2017, used the resources it had at hand - together with an open contracting lens - to unravel the tangled web of government contracts and misuse of taxpayer money in the Philippines.

  • International Open Data Day 2019 is upon us: Let’s celebrate!


    International Open Data Day 2019 is upon us: Let’s celebrate! February 28, 2019 Open Data Day (ODD) 2019 is right around the corner, on Saturday, 2 March 2019!  Don’t know what it is? ODD is an annual celebration of open data all over the world. For the 9th time in history, groups from around the […]