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  • Journalism in the Americas


    Journalism in the Americas November 19, 2019 By Silvia Higuera. Original publication on the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas Lea en Español / Leia em Português Red PALTA is born to monitor the use of public money and public policies in Latin America In addition to being an essential product of every family’s shopping basket […]

  • Banks have a role to play in clean and open procurement


    While the corruption chain in Kenya is intertwined with a narrative of individuals and cartels looting public money in major state institutions – one major financial industry player’s responsibility has only started to emerge: Banks.

  • Making Open Contracting a Norm


    The Ministry of Public Service through the Civil Service College of Uganda started a partnership with Africa Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC) to incorporate an Open Contracting Module in the Public Procurement and Contract Management Course for Public Servants. 14 procurement officers were the first cohort of public officers to be trained in the module for two days from 1st – 2nd October 2019 at the College based in Jinja district.

  • An optimistic journey to sustainable institutions in Africa


    There is an understanding in Africa, that among other things the road to sustainable institutions needs a transformation of public contracting from elite businesses to citizens’ businesses. Political willingness is crucial to facilitate this transformation. Looking at the future of Africa institutions, citizens’ participation is the key ingredient to sustainable government structures in Africa. This has to be complemented with vibrant and resilient civil society organizations and media that will create bridges where there is lack of political will and capacity of citizens is built where to demand disclosure.

  • On the Road to a Better Procurement System in South Cotabato


    The local government of South Cotabato, a province in the south of the Philippines, only completed 4.1 per cent of the development projects – most of them related to infrastructure – under the Local Development Fund in 2017. To improve this relationship and to promote good governance, the ECCP set up the Integrity Circle platform, a nation-wide initiative that brings together local government, civil society, and business representatives. They discuss ways to improve governance and integrity in government services through what they call Integrity Mechanisms.

  • Stepping up the fight against illegal taxes at school


    Devi Widyawati is a mother of a nine-year-old student in Semarang who stepped up to fight illegal levy practice at her son's school. Despite lacking of support from other parents, she did not lose hope. With the help from PATTIRO Semarang, she managed to stop the practice. Because of this, the head of the Parent Association of the school involved in the illegal levy also stepped down from his position

  • Accessing mining information: a one man’s attempt to restore the damaged environment


    In the last five years, there was only one person that has submitted an information request concerning mining license in West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Jamhur, a citizen who lives in Sekotong, West Lombok Regency said it was not easy to get the information. Although he did not obtain all of the information he requested, he inspired other citizens to also submit information requests to the public bodies in the province.

  • Abriendo Datos de Contrataciones a Nivel Local


    Abriendo Datos de Contrataciones a Nivel Local October 7, 2019 Por Juan Belbis  En Podcast Abriendo datos de contrataciones a nivel local         Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Tercer y último episodio de esta segunda tanda. Conversación sobre por qué abrir datos de contrataciones en gobiernos locales, con la experiencia desde adentro de […]

  • Your Right to Know: The Game


    New from ARTICLE 19, a game to help you navigate your right to information. Learn how to file right to information requests, exemptions and appeals. Roll the dice and see if you can find out  information from the national government or your local school.

  • Breve cronología de aprendizaje


    Breve cronología de aprendizaje September 17, 2019 Blog por Gabriela Melgar, septiembre 16, 2019 Es difícil contar una historia sobre un tema con el que recién te conectás. Saber por dónde empezar, con qué frase atraer la atención de la persona que lee las líneas de un texto. ¿Qué preguntas se deben plantear para intentar […]